Our agreement and service levels

What you can expect from me and what I will need from you

As mentioned on the web design page, we both have responsibilities when it comes to building your new website. Here are my general terms in more detail. These can be tailored for your particular project.

What you can expect from me

  • I will give professional advice throughout the process of building your site.
  • I will listen to your requirements and ideas and apply them to the project.
  • I will tell you if there are any issues throughout the project and offer alternative actions if necessary.
  • I will do my utmost to hit any agreed deadlines.
  • A service level as agreed, see below for more details on these service levels.

What I need from you

  • I need you to provide all site content as soon as possible. This is most important if we agree a deadline. If there is a delay in content getting to me the deadline will potentially need to be put back.
  • As above, if you are supplying any imagery/photos/logos etc I will need these as close to the start as possible to be able  to hit the agreed deadlines.
  • A 25% payment deposit is required at the start of the project. We can also discuss payment milestones for larger sites if you prefer. Deposits will be non-refundable.

Service levels

You will need to tell me whether you want ongoing support for your website.

One thing that’s important to know is what happens after your lovely new website is live and online. Once your site is up and running it’ll usually take care of itself. Sometimes your website will need updates to the system and other odds and ends.

My responsibility for your site ends once your site is live, unless you choose my website maintenance option. See below.

I will always create weekly backups of your site by default without any charge.

Your new website without any ongoing maintenance

Once your site is live it’s over to you. Systems like WordPress and Drupal all have ways to upgrade to the latest versions of any parts of the site that need updating and I’ll happily point you in the right direction for this. Static sites which don’t need updating can happily sit there for years without any need for maintenance so I’d advise you of this early on. If you do need help at any point I’ll be happy to take a look for you for my standard maintenance fee.

Your new website with ongoing maintenance

This option includes monthly checks and system/plugin/module updates if required. You’ll also get 24 hour site monitoring with checks every 2 hours. Just let me know during the site build and I’ll factor it in. It’s a good way to know your site is as secure and updated as possible.

I’ll only advise this if I think it’s necessary.

*Note that this does not include design or structural updates or changes.

Give me a shout to discuss any questions you might have.