Domain names

Domain namesSo, you’re thinking about getting yourself a domain name but are unsure which one to go for or where to get one. If you are on the lookout for a company or personal domain it really is very easy to get it registered.

You can use this domain purely for email or for a fully fledged website and professional contact address. And once it’s registered it’s yours, you only have to renew it once a year at a minimum. If you register it initially for 10 years you won’t need to do a thing for a decade.

These days it’s not just your .com or domain name extensions that are available. There are now literally 100s of options from .xyz to .online to .me. Just because is not available doesn’t mean something even better isn’t.

So, before changing the name of your business to match the only domain name you can find, STOP! Don’t re-brand and throw away all those business card you had printed; there are always options you may not have thought about.

Get in touch and let’s talk names.