Email, standard and encrypted

EmailGood ol’ email

Having a personalised email address is one of the easiest things to do and will instantly make and your business look more professional. If you have a domain name already registered then you are half way there.

I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves is seeing a van, brochure, advert etc promoting a website followed by [email protected] or something similar. There is really no need for this and setting up a professional [email protected] is the first step I recommend to my clients.

Encrypted email

I have helped a few clients recently set up encrypted email. There are some great services popping up offering a much more private email environment. Personally, if I have a password or some other I go to (other systems are available) You can get a free account, but you can also use your own domain for a small fee. I have a new shiny encrypted email address: [email protected], because, well, you know, secure email is a winner, right?


So, if you are after simple email setup or something a little more in-depth like Office 365, encrypted email, G Suite, Zoho, or Fastmail (the list goes on), just send me an email with any question you might have.