Web hosting

Web hostingWeb hosting can be a curious beast… Some people wonder what it is, others know but aren’t sure what they need, while others know what they need but are not sure of the best place to get it from. And everyone has a friend who’s son will host it for them on the free space their Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives them!

There are shared servers, dedicated servers, cloud servers and a huge amount of other options. Usually you don’t need to fork out all of your hard earned cash to host your website. Unless of course you are running a busy e-commerce site and need all that “secure stuff” handled.

I’ve used many different hosting companies over the years and will be happy to¬† provide you with web space myself or recommend one of the many providers out there.

If you have questions about hosting and need a guide, get in touch and I’ll keep you out of the often murky waters of web hosting.